Ruben Crawford

What Clients Say About Their Experience With Ruben Crawford

One-One Coaching

Tanner Lauka, MBA

IT Recruiting Manager - Robert Half Technology

I would like to express a heart felt thank you to Ruben Crawford for accepting me into his 7 day leadership challenge. To say the results were transformative would be saying the least. Ruben's methods and training allowed me to put together a vision for my future that I was not yet able to see for myself. His research in the fields of leadership, physiology, and psychology coupled with his experience as a professional fighter provided a clear path for me to understand my own vision for the future and the current obstacles I've put in my own way. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to develop their leadership capacity or tap into their true potential to reach out to Ruben.

One-One Coaching

Patricia Farrell

CRO/IR at American Made Filtration Corp

Ruben’s coaching has given me energy that I didn’t know I was lacking in the first place. When I now go into a challenge it is an excitement I want to embrace rather than something to fear. It woke up the fighter in me.

One-One Coaching

Gergana Aleksandrova

Lean, Quality& Food Safety Expert | CEO

Daring greatly on many arenas, Ruben gained my trust with the speed of light through his ability to take complex topics and break things down into simple and easy to execute steps. Thus empowering dynamic actions and sustainable growth.

Ruben`s accretive, yet agile and customer-tailored approach ensures the right setup to capture opportunities in all areas of life and embrace inner power by utilizing all own resources plus adding synthesized knowledge to be applied in a new way. As a result of his Empowertale program, all this massive personal transformation is done with much fun and joy that brings enormous fulfillment.

My cooperation with Ruben brought me back on the fast track while kick-starting my consultancy business with higher sense of purpose and direction, self-worth, physically and emotionally fit, reveling my authentic self by doing the things I enjoy most without any tension. Side effect: improved family and friends’ relationships.

I am still amazed to explore how he is boosting his client’s well-being and focus with his unique system, energy levels formula, on-the-spot hacks, fancy videos and useful tools.

I would recommend Ruben`s methods and Leadership coaching program to anyone who wants to become a better human, undertake an adventurous journey in concurring the self, pass the Rubicon and get empowered to thrive together with his team, customers, family and friends.

One-One Coaching

Vasilis Karamalegos

CEO & Co-Founder at Smarterchains. Industry 4.0 Transformation at Scale

Ruben has been a great coach to me in a very turbulent time both personally and professionally and has helped me a lot to frame complex issues in a clear and action-oriented way! I am very confident that Ruben can provide enormous value to people that are looking to make the most out of their growth journey!

One-One Coaching

livier Moncousin

Founder & CEO, Spartan Sports

Thanks again for the opportunity with the coaching. I was on a super mentalheight and saved us almost 50,000 euros through the ideas I had.

One-One Coaching

John Kavanagh

Coach of UFC Champion Conor McGregor & MMA World MMA Coach of the Year 2016, 2017

Ruben always realises how to steer the mind to a place where it's working at its strongest capacity. His analytical approach lets him see how to play into one's own strengths and circumvent or fix weaknesses. He knows how to create the highest mental energy levels. That made him a huge asset in leading the preparations of my professional fight team.

One-One Coaching

Jan Graffelder

CEO Look & Graffelder

We doubled our company size from 15 to 30 employees. Working with them in different teams was sometimes very difficult. The Program helped me a lot to improve my leadership skills. It changed my whole day and my complete life. I felt more confident. I felt stronger. I felt more energy going into every day. Entering the room I felt a lot more assertive...I felt less stressed, happier and balanced.

One-One Coaching

Claus Horbach & Werner Rehme

Project Managers, Capgemini Germany GmbH

Our project team has been implementing Ruben Crawford's coaching program. The challenging and exciting coaching and fitness trainings haveseveral positive effects: Teamwork has improved and a certain amount ofassertiveness has emerged. Our team moved closer together and weregularly talk about muscle soreness.

One-One Coaching

Thilak Mahendran


The individual coaching has been extremely insightful to better understand & align my overall goals in a way which I had not previously explored. Ruben's transfer of knowledge from his educational and MMA background gave me a new view on my life and how to lead other people more effectively.

One-One Coaching

Sven Wunderlich


Ruben passes on his deep knowledge of self-management in stressful situations to my entire leadership team at my company Bewa-Security, which currently employs over 800 employees. He instilled a new type of confidence, inspiration and energy.

I, myself also make full use of his coaching for my personal development and highly enjoy the results.

One-One Coaching

Stefan Radtke


The coaching by Ruben is a great experience on more than one level. It's intense and demanding while being a lot of fun at the same time. As a coach, he's pushing you while giving you the freedom to push yourself to your own limit. Due to Ruben's authentic personality and his background in sports and education, it's a very motivating setting to develop yourself further. Plus, Ruben is a very smart, kind, and humble person - great to talk to and to spend time with. Highly recommended!

One-One Coaching

Bartek Maciaga


Everyone knows Ruben as a great fighter. In his role as a Coach, he puts his experience to excellent effect: Training materials and coaching sessions are practice-oriented, very effective and above all, infinitely exciting.

One-One Coaching

Graceann Bennett


Ruben is a superb coach and helped me get into a growth mindset for my business. He helped me use my energy more productively and to find the right support to scale. Being an entrepreneur is a lot like being a professional athlete and Ruben’s background translates well into optimizing high-performing executives.

One-One Coaching

Dave Beaulieu


I have been working with Ruben for 18 months. If you are looking for an executive coach, I would highly recommend you contact Ruben for an introductory session. In the first 6-7 weeks, you will go deep into the goal-setting process and extreme focus on the daily/weekly actions to achieve excellence and bust through the walls that are holding you back.

We spend most of our time together on business strategy and building my company. On the physical side, Ruben also offers a program for cardio and strength training...and you will find, this is vital to the work you do. Ruben is an important part of my team for work and personal growth.